Tips &Tricks

We've compiled information about Swim, Bike, Run opportunities and training plans. Download Away, Grab a Friend and Get Moving!

Training Opportunities

Looking for a place to Swim, Bike or Run? This listing is a great place to start! Grab a Friend and Get Moving!



Couch to 5k Running Plan

The best way to get started is... one foot in front of the other. It's as simple as that. Download this easy plan to get you running a 5k in no time. Better yet grab a friend and get started together.


Triathlon Check List

Everything you need to know about packing your bag for a triathlon.. and then some. Download this checklist and pack your best transition bag yet!


USAT Beginners
Training Guide

New to triathlon? Learn the basics with our Beginners' Guide.


Triathlon Tips&Tricks

A very comprehensive collection of everything you need to know about the sport of Triathlon! 


How to put on a Wetsuit 


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